Step 5: Co-op Lotion Rebates, Training & Support

Co-op Salon Rebate Program

This Co-op advertising program is truly THE BEST PROGRAM IN THE BUSINESS!

Australian Gold®, Swedish Beauty®, California Tan® and Designer Skin® Co-Op Advertising Program. Every Dollar you spend on lotion earns you cash!

Uvalux Tanning & Support works closely with Premier tanning salons to maximize their cash back programs. Australian Gold®, Swedish Beauty®, California Tan® and Designer Skin® salons earn the BEST rebates in the business on all annual purchases of lotions and accessories. Buying lotions starts building your co-op fund. Use it to pay for advertising.

How to Qualify for the Co-op Advertising Program and Claim Your Rewards:

Step #1

– Become a Premier Salon by signing up with Uvalux and exclusively selling Australian Gold®, Swedish Beauty®, Designer Skin®,and California Tan® family of lotions, and purchase them between 11-1-2010 and 10-31-2011.

Qualifying purchases of the brands above include:

1. Tanning Lotion and After Tan Lotion Bottles and Samples, including Sunless Solutions

2. Tanning Lotion Accessories (Eyewear, Sunless Accessories)

Step #2

– Exclusively advertise Australian Gold®, Swedish Beauty®, Designer Skin®, and California Tan® lotion brand(s)

1. Salon must use approved logos and advertise only brands listed above. To download images, register on, and click on Media Browser.

2. Approved logos must make up 15% of ad space.

3. Social Media Advertising will be accepted with proof of advertising purchase.

Step #3

– File Co-op claim with Uvalux

To file a claim, please send in the following:

1. The actual exclusive advertisement(s) being claimed. No proofs are accepted. All ads submitted must feature at least one Brand Logo and comprise of 15% of the total ad space.

2. Receipt(s) for the ad(s) being claimed, showing date of ad(s) in public view between 11-1-2010 and 10-31-2011.

When does the program run?

It’s a full year program that starts November 1st 2010, and runs to October 31st 2011.

What advertising qualifies?

There are a lot of media that qualifies. Print ads, direct mail, flyers, radio, TV, newspaper, Yellow Page ads, business cards, banners, signs, posters, stationary and many more. Please note: Website advertising does not qualify.

What do I submit to Uvalux?

After October 31st, you have 30 days to submit Uvalux a copy of all the advertisements, receipts for the advertising preparation, placement, printing, mailing, etc. (ad must be in public view between 11/1/2010 to 10/31/2011).

How do you earn your Co-op advertising rebate?

Uvalux will keep track of all your purchases and accumulate the Co-op advertising rebate fund on your behalf. At the end of the year submit your advertising expenses and we will send you a cheque for the full amount of your qualified advertising expenses up to the total value in your Co-op advertising fund. The more lotions you buy during the year the more co-op advertising fund is accumulated.

What are the rules?

Australian Gold® and/or Swedish Beauty® and/or California Tan® and/or Designer Skin® logos must be on the advertising and be allocated approximately 15% of the ad space.

That’s it, simple. We pay you cash back for all qualifying advertising that adds up to the accumulated value in your co-op fund. Advertising builds your business; Partner with Uvalux for success.


Sales Support

Uvalux Tanning & Support is proud to be a part of the Indoor Tanning Industry for over 30 years. Since 1979 Uvalux has been the leader in providing Canadian tanning salons with world class customer service. We specialize in helping owners open new tanning salons, picking the right mix of tanning equipment, tanning lotions as well as helping to train tanning salon staff. We carry a wide selection of tanning lotions and tanning beds and our technical service department can help install and service your tanning equipment.

With 4 locations across Canada and our “Service from our Heart”, we guarantee that we will meet and exceed your wildest expectations. We want to be your tanning distributor and we want to supply you with the tools to make you successful. Together we can do great things. Give us a call, we’d love to help.

Tanning Lotions

Uvalux is the exclusive distributor of consumer brand favorites: Australian Gold®, Designer Skin®, Swedish Beauty®, and California Tan®, Uvalux represents the best tanning lotions on the market in Canada.

Tanning Beds

Uvalux is the premiere distributor of tanning beds in Canada. We’re proud to offer UV tanning beds from uwe®, Soltron®, Sun Angel®, ETS® as well as offer breakthrough sunless tanning systems from Versa Spa®, Mystic Tan®, and California Tan®. In addition to tanning equipment, we also offer systems that allow you to pamper your clients with luxury spa technology for your salon from Hydration Station®, HydroMassage®, and Beauty Angel®. These products in addition to our state-of-the-art tanning beds will set you apart from other tanning salons.

Sales Training

Currently we have six Consultants that travel across the country visiting tanning salons, hosting regional and in-salon training seminars and running our online training. If you are interested in having a private seminar on lotions, equipment, smart tan or sales training for your salon staff please contact the Uvalux team.