Step 3: Salon Financing, Leasing & Insurance

Recently, the tanning industry grew to a $7 billion dollar industry from its humble $900 million annual sales in 1991.

Uvalux offers business and equipment financing/leasing, as well as
insurance for your tanning salon.

Tanning Salon Financing/Leasing

Uvalux Tanning & Support partners with many financial
institutions to help get you the money you
need to start your tanning salon business the right way.

Tanning Bed Leasing & Tanning Salon Equipment Leasing Options

Put tanning beds to work in your business
now without a major cash outlay!

In addition to finance options, Uvalux offers leases that can be custom tailored to your business needs. Enjoy the benefits of immediate expansion while preserving capital for other important aspects of your business.

100% Financing – You may include tanning beds, accessories, freight, installation charges and all or any other equipment.

Tax advantages – A lessee can usually deduct monthly lease payments as an operating expense.

Flexibility – Terms and conditions to fit your needs. Leasing generally requires a much lower down-payment than ordinary financing.

Preserve other lines of credit – With leasing, you have established an additional line of credit that doesn’t tie up other sources of capital.

Ideal for small businesses – Leases do not appear on a balance sheet and do not affect your current debt ratio.

Improves budgeting – Fixed monthly payments enable you to budget and manage equipment dollars for the future.

Financial advisors – Work with you and your sales representatives to custom-design your finance program.