Step 1: Business Plan & Break-Even Analysis

The average gross profit margin per year you should expect per tanning bed unit ranges between $20,000 and $25,000. (This figure varies based on tanning session price, hours of operation, the economic situation of the location you select, etc.)

Tanning Salon Business Plan

Owning your own tanning salon is a huge responsibility. It takes dedication, hard work and operating capital. But before you even think about opening a new tanning salon you need a solid business plan. Our Tanning Salon Consultants are equipped with tools to help you formulate a successful plan. From writing your mission statement to developing a marketing strategy, we can walk you through every step of the business plan to ensure your greatest possible chance of success in the tanning industry.

Tanning Salon Break-even Analysis

The question on every tanning salon owners’ mind should be, “how long will it take to start making money?” After you make a substantial investment opening a tanning salon, what do you need to charge to be profitable? Ask your Tanning Salon Consultant and find out. We can help design a plan for per-session costs, supplemental income, overhead and advertising to ultimately analyze when you can expect the money to start rolling in.